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    The color of the shirt that suits you is professional.

    White and blue shirts are always the main colors for male workers to choose shirts in the workplace, but they can only be turned on these two colors for a long time, which is also boring. In fact, everyone has a unique favorite color. Some colors when you wear it will make your mood different. Your energy is also good.

    This is more or less due to our preference for color and occupation.

    Most people have similar feelings to specific colors such as blue, always give a person calm, calm feeling, also because the psychological effects of color, there are many methods of company will be wearing uniforms to convey energy, but not to work on young love constraints of the family, the whole company set on the same uniform inevitably stodgy. If you belong to the office worker who doesn't wear a uniform, let's find out a shirt that is suitable for your professional shirt besides blue and white.

    The color of the shirts of the salesperson's professional wear should be "trustworthy", which is satisfied with the feeling of the customers.

    The shirt color of the customer service personnel's professional wear, which is suitable for customer service and customer service, is suitable for light yellow or cream white. This type of color will make you more "affinity" and more alive.

    The shirt color of the professional dress of the financial personnel: the feeling of generosity and the sense of peace is the message conveyed by the needs of the financial industry.

    The shirt color of medical workers' professional wear: harmony and obedient is one of the most important factors for medical practitioners to eliminate their mental illness. Light green and light pink give people the mental image that is docile. At present, many hospitals have chosen this kind of color.

    The media of mass communication: occupation always will give life lively image, so the appropriate color natural less limited, such as pink, purple, black and other colors, can show the occupation vivid creativity.

    If you want to add points for my professional image, there's no harm in choosing a shirt for color.

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