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Custom-made strategy


1, calls :13616822266, professional customer service requirement, carefully for you to explain the relevant business and service;

2, door-to-door communication : professional business representatives door-to-door, provide style and other professional opinions, interactive communication;

3, contract : the two sides through repeated communication, determine the intention and contract, enter the specific implementation link;

4, door-to-door volume : professional technicians door to each customer to carry out one to one manual volume, to ensure the accuracy of the data;

5, data transmission : customer volume data is sent to the headquarters system quickly and accurately through the service network established all over the country.

6, CAD typesetting : senior technicians to the data processing, through the computer typesetting and proofing, to ensure the speed and accuracy of the plate making;

7, production and production of : the world's top equipment, through 385 processes, 30 quality control points to be carefully built to ensure excellent quality;

8, the quality inspection : each product factory, professional quality inspection staff will conduct strict quality inspection on the quality policy of "stitch, excellence" under the guidance of;

9, Provide home delivery service: a door-to-door suspended solid packing boxes made of finished products in peace, transportation is not easy to fold deformation, to ensure timely delivery of goods and perfect present.

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